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Confidentiality March 2024

The Client may disclose personal and confidential information about themself, their family and their business to the Impowerz Coach' for the purpose of therapy and coaching including :-


  1. Hypnosis and rapid transformation therapy

  2. Holistic healing/ Energy Healing

  3. Coaching / Neurolinguistic Programming tools

  4. Provision of other therapeutic interventions to support the development and well-being of the Client.


The Coach agrees to obtain, absorb and consider the use of such information only for the purposes as described above, and otherwise to hold such information confidential and secret pursuant to the terms of this agreement.




  1. The Coach/therapist may take notes during sessions to provide a reflective log of topics discussed and to record details of prescribed therapeutic interventions.  These details shall remain strictly confidential and shall not be seen by anybody other than the Coach without express consent of the Client.

  2. The Coach/therapist agrees to hold all confidential or proprietary information (“Information”) in trust and confidence and agrees that the Information shall be used only for the contemplated purpose, and not for any other purpose or disclosed to any third party under any circumstance whatsoever.

  3. No copies may be made or retained of the Information.

  4. This information shall not be disclosed to any employee, consultant or third party unless that third party agrees to execute and be bound by the terms of this agreement, and disclosure by the Coach is first approved.

  5. The Coach may from time to time make recommendations for complimentary interventions by other therapists, consultants or trainers with the express consent of the Client.   In the event of such recommendations, the Coach will only provide basic contact details for the Client.

  6. It is understood that the Coach shall have no obligation with respect to any information known by the Client, or as may be generally known the public domain, prior to the date of this agreement, or that shall become common knowledge within the public domain thereafter.

  7. This agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties, their successors and assigns.

  8. This constitutes the entire agreement.


In addition, a signed copy will be required for those attending one on one Boostas Rapid Transformation Therapy and Boostas Coaching prior to commencement. This will be forwarded to you.

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