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Our story

We are delighted to meet you! We met on Vikki's Lotus Chakra course and we quickly realised the synergy and power of working together to support the delegates transformation... 
KAPOW! Impowerz was born!

Our mission is empowerment with simple, effective tools and techniques that are incorporated into everyday life. Empowerment at work, at home and at play. How?

  • We get to the root cause of physical and emotional “issues”.

  • We unlock the blocks for positive change.

  • We replace, restore and balance the body & mind to promote a sense of wellbeing; feeling connection with others.

We deliver tailored empowerment programmes for teams and individual's. Simple as.

Jo Dakin-Hook
Integrative Rapid Transformation Therapist & Life Coach 

Founder of Boostas Coaching and co-founder of Impowerz.

I I champion my clients to unlock their full potential.  Simply put, I help you become the person you want to be. My 'MindFit' approach is based on changing negative thoughts and behaviour patterns and instead to focus on positive personal empowerment. 

Jo is a Master NLP Coach, Life-coach, Rapid Transformation (RTT) therapist, hypnotherapist and Rahanni Celestial Healer. Commercial marketing, sales and negotiation, raining and faciitation.

vikki on beach_edited_edited.jpg
Vikki Jackson
Holistic Therapist and Energy Healer

Founder of Balance and Harmony and co -founder of Impowerz.

I have been a qualified nurse for over 30 years and developed a passion for healing with alternative therapies following my own personal healing journey.I help others understand and release trauma, blocks and dis…ease from their core and energy fields.


Vikki offers Angelic Reiki Healing, Integrated Energy Healing, Reflexology, Rahanni Celestial Healing, runs Meditations groups, Spiritual development groups,  and is an accredited Trainer ~ including Lotus Chakra and Rahanni levels I and II.

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